Recharging your desires

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. – Matthew 6:21 (NIV)

When you’re a kid, a treasure chest is something truly magical. The idea that there’s a wooden box somewhere down a narrow, winding path or at the end of a rainbow filled with valuable, secret things is a timeless enchantment that children around the world have believed in. But as we grow older, we no longer believe in treasure chests. We no longer believe that a pot of gold might await at the end of the rainbow in the sky. We no longer wonder if there will be presents or gifts for us if we follow the treasure map.

However, some kind of way, the concept of a treasure chest still finds its way into our way of thinking as adults. Even though we might not believe in a physical box that exists at the end of the rainbow, we store up things in our minds that we just have to have down the road. We start to believe that maybe, just maybe, after we follow some kind of path in life, it will lead us to something rewarding. We imagine ourselves accomplishing certain things like getting our dream job or graduating from grad school. We imagine ourselves getting married or living in a nice house in a good neighborhood. While we might not actually call these things our “treasure,” they end up being hat.

So the question is: What things in your life have you put in a figurative treasure chest at the end of the rainbow? What things have you created a mental map for that you hope to get to one day. What are your goals? What are your desires?

The reason why this is important is because Jesus is inviting us to see that what we desire should go far beyond earthly things. In today’s passage, during the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talks about this. As women who follow Jesus we have to learn to see that what we treasure has to go so much deeper than things we can tangibly touch. Our desires cannot solely be people and location based…they’ve got to be rooted in heaven. This not only leads to a much more satisfying life, but it’s what God wants for us!

Biblical context + further reading: Matthew 6:19-24


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