it is truly amazing to sit here and think that God loved us too much for us to remain His enemy. in our sin, we deserved nothing. we cursed God with our speech and we mocked God with our actions yet, He somehow still loved us too much to let us stay there. He had no reason to love us or reconcile us to Him. but He went even further for us and gave His one and only Son because we were someone worth it in His eyes. He had to watch His only Son suffer the most painful and traumatic death this world can offer and yet, He still loved us through it. He had to watch His only Son bleed to death and push Himself up just to take a breath, all because He loves us. all because we were broken horrible sinners in need of a grace not found nor produced within ourselves. we couldn’t save ourselves so being enemies of God, The Savior of the world saved us from ourselves. there was no other way for us to be saved and taken out of darkness than through the bloodshed of Christ. we were dead in our sin. so destitute and lost, with no clear path or joy. we somehow convinced ourselves that we were okay in our sin until the love of God entered our lives and we realized the infinite and never-ending grace of God. we realized that in the process of convincing ourselves we were okay in our sin, God had already died for us. there was nothing left to do but for us to lay with our face to the ground in absolute surrender and awe that the God of the universe wants our friendship. we now get to bask in that friendship with nothing but praises on our lips for a God who viewed us as worthy and made in His image. what a love.


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