Merry Christmas

As we are celebrating the Christmas season, I hope we can take care of our spirits as well as we take care of our loved ones. Being abroad and away from my physical family, I have been reminded of my spiritual family and how we owe it to each other and to ourselves to remain, or become, more spiritually awake and healthy. We know how Satan just needs one crack in the foundation of our faith to destroy us, so I hope we can take some more time to seek God more earnestly.

On December 25th, we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. The Bible does not record his exact birthdate–because in the eyes of God, it was not necessary to. What’s more important is the way Jesus came into the world and God’s purpose behind it. 700 years before his birth, God prophesied through the prophet Isaiah that a virgin would give birth to a son (Is 7:14). God does nothing without first revealing it to his servants the prophets (Am 3:7) and the purpose of prophecies such as Is 7:14 is so that we may believe when the reality is before our eyes (In 14:29).
We see in Mt 1:18-23 that this prophecy was fulfilled through Mary and Jesus. There are so many other examples of Jesus coming according to what was already written, even 1000 years before his birth. We don’t just celebrate a figure. We celebrate God who kept every one of his promises through Jesus. We celebrate Jesus, who was obedient to his Father’s will despite his own desires (Mt 26:39). We celebrate Jesus because he knew full well what he was working to create when he suffered on the cross.

And as important as it is to give God glory for all he has done in the past, we are not people of the first coming. The Bible says that Jesus comes a second time to bring salvation to all who are waiting (Heb 9:28). I sincerely hope that we can be those people who welcome Jesus back with more joy than when we celebrate his birth or what he did at the first coming.


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