4th May 2019

Scripture: John 15:1-17 My thoughts: God is our gardener, He removes the branches in us that don’t bear fruit and prunes the ones that do so they’ll produce more fruit. When we produce more fruit, we show ourselves to be Jesus’ disciples. We need to love one another - the greatest commandment. When situations or… Continue reading 4th May 2019


Can I be honest?

Sometimes I’m thankful my parents didn’t push Christianity, the religion, on me. I say this because it allowed me to discover who God truly was for myself from my perspective, not a church’s perspective, and develop a relationship with HIM not the religion/church, it gave me the confidence to go to churches alone to see… Continue reading Can I be honest?

3rd May 2019

Scripture: Galatians 5:13-26 My thoughts The flesh wants different things to the spirit, you can’t serve both - it’s impossible. The Bible explains the things the flesh wants that we should deny and also things that the spirit wants that we should pursue. It’s not easy, but alongside prayer, if we focus on what the… Continue reading 3rd May 2019


The chaos isn’t in your environment, it’s in your heart. We want to reach contentment but we’re fearful about what God may withhold from us in the process of learning contentment but we have nothing to fear because God is a good father.

Scripture: Proverbs 3:1-18 Observation: Find wisdom but don’t rely on yourself for wisdom. The Lord disciplines you because He loves you, just like a parent would - trust God. Honour God with your wealth. Application: A lot of the time we think we’re intelligent naturally but as like everything, wisdom is a gift from God,… Continue reading