Trading your spiritual birthright for a lentil stew.

Maybe Esau’s motto in life is “You only live once”. Being so carefree that he showed lack of care for his birthright. Enjoying the “now” to think about the consequences of tomorrow. Living a life only for himself without the thoughts of glorifying God.

Simple choices in life shows how we value our relationship with God.

Esau doesn’t care about the spiritual things. Esau’s desire for self-gratification is far greater than his desire to have the blessings of God. Esau is the man whose God is his belly.

Remember the times you disobey God to satisfy yourself? Remember the times that you chose the sin of this world instead of the God who loves you most? Yes! We are not so far of becoming like Esau, for we are also choosing the pleasures of this world for temporary happiness than choose the blessings of God which is eternal life. We are trading our spiritual birthright for a piece of junk.

In the end, Esau realized the foolishness of what he did, he realized that he gave up the most important blessing in his life, it is to have God in his side, He realized it when it’s already too late.

Are you choosing your selfish desires over God? It’s time to open your eyes and see what you’re getting yourself into. For there will come a time that you’ll end up in despair like Esau, and there will be no more chances and mercy to be given.


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