God is the real matchmaker.

The lovestory of Isaac and Rebekah gives us a glimpse of God’s divine direction. That the God who brought Eve to Adam is also the God who will lead us to the one He made just for us. That He has someone for us waiting to be revealed when we trust, pray and ask for His leading.

Abraham doesn’t want his son to marry a Canaanite woman, God doesn’t want us to marry an unbeliever as well. For to be yoked with darkness leads to compromise and defilement of one’s faith. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and a way for us to grow in holiness. Marriage isn’t just made to make us happy, but it is made to make us more like Jesus. That’s the reason why God wants us to delight in Him, For being one with Him gives us the right desires and convictions that will clearly show us His will.

As the servant prayed for the right direction, we should also pray that God will lead us to the right person. This generation doesn’t know the importance of waiting, the importance of self-control, the importance of trusting His timing and ways. This generation wants immediate result and satisfaction without knowing the responsibility they will take. They want now, when God says “You’re not ready yet.” They choose whoever they want, when God says, “Let me choose for you, so you’ll see beauty of my works.” They throw the beauty of God’s plan to prevail their own plan that leads to discontent and emptiness.

But before He will give you the one, He will help you become the right person first. A person who knows his or her worth in Christ, A person who is ready to become a blessing rather a curse to someone.

So before you ask for a godlyman, ask yourself if you’re a godly woman. For that kind of person seeks someone with the same beating heart, a heart that beats for Jesus.


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