Questions for Christians Lesson 02 – Why Should We Praise God?

We live in a world where it is common to praise actors, actresses, athletes, and other types of celebrities.  However, why should we praise God?  Does He really need our praise?

Let’s read together Psalms 92:1 and 147:1.

The Bible says it is good to praise God.  However, that alone may not be a satisfactory reason to praise God.  

Let’s read together Psalm 96:4, 145:3; and 2 Samuel 22:4.

The Bible says we should praise God because He is worthy of our praise.  How is God worthy?

Let’s read together Genesis 1:1; Psalm 148:1-14; and Revelation 4:11.

God is the Creator of the universe and everything in it.

Let’s read together Job 11:7-11; Psalms 147:5; John 5:26; and Ephesians 3:20.  

God is self-sufficient. He is infinite, omnipotent, and all-powerful.  He is also omniscient (Isaiah 46:9-10) and omnipresent (Jeremiah 23:23-24).

Let’s read together Malachi 3:6; Romans 11:33; and Hebrews 33.

God is unchanging.  He is the same 2,000 years ago, today, and even a million years into the future.  God is wise and does not lie.  You can trust what He says.

Let’s read together Psalm 34:8; Deuteronomy 7:9; and 2 Timothy 2:13.

God is good and faithful, even when we are not faithful to Him.

Let’s read together Deuteronomy 32:4; Isaiah 30:18; Romans 9:15-16; and Revelation 4:8.

God is perfect.  He is a God who believes in justice and mercy, perfectly balancing the two.  God is also gracious and holy (Revelation 4:8).

Let’s read together 1 John 4:8 and Romans 8:35-39.  

Most importantly, God is love.

Let’s read together Luke 19:35-40 and Philippians 2:9-11.

Jesus did not restrain people from praising Him.  One day, everyone will praise Jesus and confess He is Lord.

We do not praise God because He is vain, but because He is worthy of our praise!  God is glorious!  When we praise God, we strengthen our faith because we meditate upon Him and see His attributes more clearly.  We thank God for what He has done for us, but we praise God for who He is.

Friend, will you praise God?


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