Parables of Jesus Lesson 02 – The Value a Coin

In our previous lesson, we studied the parable of the lost sheep. In the parable, the shepherd left ninety-nine sheep to look for the one lost sheep. Even though the sheep was just one out of a hundred, the shepherd cared enough about the sheep to search for it. We learned that Jesus is our True Shepherd and He gave up everything to find us, His lost sheep.

Let’s read Luke 15:8-10 together.

The ten coins in this parable were not any ten coins you would find in a purse. Bible commentators believe this is a reference to a woman’s dowry – what she had to contribute to her marriage. The ten coins may have been strung together and worn like an ornamental necklace.

The missing coin may not have not been particularly valuable by itself, but at the very least it had great sentimental and symbolic value to the woman.

Note that the coin was lost in the woman’s house. She would eventually be able to find the coin if she searched carefully and diligently enough.

What is the difference between a lost sheep and a lost coin? The sheep knows it is lost, but the coin does not know it is lost. Who does the lost coin symbolize?

Let’s read Psalm 117:1-2; Isaiah 56:1-8; and Zechariah 13:6 together.

God does not only love Christian believers. He loves the hardened atheist, the worldly rich and well-educated, people of other religions, and even the most debased sinner. You may not like some of these people, but they all have value in God’s eyes. Jesus died for all of humanity, even those who reject Him outright.

Let’s read Luke 10:2; 1 Corinthians 11:1; and 1 Peter 2:9 together.

Jesus is the True Shepherd and He calls us to be undershepherds to bring lost sheep to Him. We are also to search for “lost coins” of this world and bring them to Him (Luke 14:23). Every one of us has been given a mission field (Matthew 28:19-20). Your mission field may be the Buddhist family across the street or your agnostic best friend. You may be called to a foreign mission field. Even if you are only able to bring one person to Christ in your entire life, there will be much rejoicing in heaven and Jesus will commend you on your faithfulness (Matthew 25:21).


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