The Faithfulness Story

The faithful love of the Lord never ends!

His mercies never cease.

– Lamentations 3:23 (NIV)

God’s faithfulness covers every single area of your life. From the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, and even while, you are sleeping, He is faithful. So remember this:

1. In the morning

God’s compassion for us is present from the moment we open our eyes and start the day. Even on the days where we forget to thank Him for waking us up and immediately jump into our routine. Even when we think about talking to the person that we like, or a coworker before we talk to him, He is still merciful and loving toward us. This is faithfulness, and it’s not something that we should take for granted.

2. During the day

As we start to work our way through our routine at work or school, sometimes we get so into the groove that we completely forget that God is right there, faithfully and loyally carrying us with His love. Let us not forget when we’re sitting in the office or even when we’re texting someone that we really wish cared more about us, God cares. He cares so much that He sent His son to die for our sins so that we could be close to Him. When you begin to let that resonate within you, suddenly the person in your life that doesn’t care about you like you care about them can’t even begin to compare to what you experience in the arms of God’s faithful love for you.

3. At night

When your mind starts to race, and you start to think about all of the things you didn’t accomplish earlier in the day, earlier in the year, or earlier in life, you have to remember that even in your thoughts you are in the presence of God. Even though you might feel at a total lost for words or you’ve completely lost interest in the things that used to love to do, He is still right there with you, faithfully carrying you through. Let the comfort of knowing that God is faithful and He is with you become the way you see your life and the way you see the story that God is writing!

Biblical context + further reading: Lamentations 3


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