The Miracles of Jesus Lesson 07 – Lazarus

An atheist was having a debate with a Christian.  The Christian asked the atheist, “What if God showed up to your house one day, took the roof off of your house, peered down at you, and asked, ‘Why didn’t you believe in me?'”

The atheist responded without skipping a beat, “I would say, ‘Sir, you simply did not give me enough evidence to believe in you.'”

Everything in Scripture is evidence of God’s existence.  There are so many more miracles we can study.  However, we will end this Bible study series by looking at the greatest miracle Jesus ever performed.

Let’s read together John 11:1-16.

Jesus received word His dear friend Lazarus was deathly ill.  However, Jesus curiously waited two days before even leaving to see him. Jesus clearly had the power to heal him. Why didn’t Jesus come right away?

Let’s read together John 11:17-37.

Jesus clearly loved Lazarus. Mary and Martha knew Jesus could have healed Lazarus.  They also wanted to know why didn’t Jesus come sooner.

Let’s read together John 11:38-44.

Jesus knew Lazarus was going to die, and intended to ressurect him.  By the time Jesus came to Lazarus’ tomb, Lazarus had already been dead for four days.  If Jesus resurrected Lazarus within a day or two after he died, the Pharisees would have claimed Lazarus never died in the first place.  They would have claimed Lazarus’ resurrection to be a sham.

However, after four days in the tomb, no one could deny Lazarus’ death.  Jesus did the impossible and resurrected Lazarus, and He did this in front of many witnesses!

Let’s read together John 11:45-57 and 12:9-11.

While many people glorified God and believed in Jesus after this miracle, the Pharisees wanted to kill Jesus.  They even wanted to kill Lazarus?  Why?

Let’s read together Luke 16:19-31.

The point of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus is that the Bible gives you enough evidence to believe in Jesus.  If the Bible is not proof enough for you, then neither is the resurrection of a dead man. The Pharisees still refused to accept Jesus as the Messiah, even though He performed the greatest miracle in the world.

Friend, with all the evidence presented before you, will you choose to believe that God is real? Will you choose to accept the proof of Scripture? Will you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?


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