The Miracles of Jesus Lesson 05 – Demons Tremble

Have you struggled with a certain sin for years?  Have you repeatedly made promises to yourself not to commit that sin anymore?  Have you repeatedly broken those promises, much to your shame and embarrassment?  There is a way out!  

Today we will study the miracles of Jesus healing demon-possessed people.

Let’s read together Mark 1:21-28 and Luke 4:18, 33-37.

Jesus’ healing of the demoniac in the synagogue unequivocally showed he has power over demons. Also, this was a sign Jesus came to free the captives of Satan.

Let’s read together Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5:1-20; and Luke 8:26-39.

The demoniacs of Gadara were greatly feared by everyone in the region.  Even if they were bound with chains and fetters, they were able to break them with their demonic strength.  These poor souls were completely entrapped by these demons. They were only able to express their torment by cutting themselves with stones and crying in the tombs and mountains.

However, even the strongest demons were no match against Jesus.  Whether it’s one demon or six thousand demons, Jesus will always prevail. Jesus exorcised the demons and they begged Him to send them out into a herd of swine.  

One of the former demon-possessed men asked to come with Jesus, but interestingly Jesus said no. Jesus told the man to stay and share what Jesus had done for him.  The man became a missionary in Gadara.  Let this be a reminder to us we do not need to go far to do mission work and we do not need to be well-educated theologians or pastors to share the Gospel.  We can simply share what Jesus has done for us.

Unfortunately, it seems the people were not appreciative of what Jesus had done for the demoniacs. They were afraid and asked Jesus to leave them.

Let’s read together Mark 9:14-29.

The father of the demon-possessed boy was powerless to do anything for his son.  None of the religious leaders could help his son. Not even the disciples were able to cast out the demon.  The father begged Jesus to help his son.  Jesus looked down upon the father with compassion and told him if he could believe, all things are possible.

The father’s response was very interesting.  “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”  The father wanted to believe so much that his son could be healed. However, the father also acknowledged his weakness – he lacked the faith to believe.  The father had experienced so many disappointments and setbacks in the past.  The father had too much doubt in his heart.  The father asked Jesus to give him the strength to believe in Him.

Let’s read together Matthew 7:8; Matthew 21:22; and James 4:2-3.

Jesus saw the earnestness in the father’s plea and cast the demon out of his son.  

No matter what sin you are struggling with or what demons you face in this life, Jesus can give you victory. Friend, will you cry out to Jesus, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”?


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