The Miracles of Jesus Lesson 04 – Twelve Years

Have you ever felt ashamed of who you are? Are you afraid to tell people you are a Christian? Have you ever thought you had nothing to offer God? This miracle can give you hope!

Let’s read together Mark 5:21-43.

This is an interesting story of Jesus performing a miracle on the way to do another miracle. Jesus was walking to Jairus’ house to heal his deathly ill daughter. He was surrounded by many people who wanted to see what would happen. There was a poor woman who had suffered from some sort of blood-related disease for twelve years. She had spent all she had on physicians, but they were unable to heal her.

Let’s read together Leviticus 15:25-27.

If the woman had an unusual discharge, she would be considered unclean. Therefore, she would have been considered an outcast by the Jewish community. The woman would not have been allowed into the synagogue. Imagine that – the woman was suffering for all those years and she could not even go to church during that time!

It is probable the woman may have been anemic as she crawled on the ground reaching out to Jesus. She didn’t even have the strength to grab Jesus’ ankle. The woman knew this may be her only chance to receive healing. In faith, she reached out to Jesus, seeking to only touch the edge of his garment. When the woman managed to do so, she was miraculously healed! She tried to move away from the crowd, but Jesus stopped and asked a seemingly odd question.

Let’s read together Mark 5:30-32.

“Who touched my clothes?”

Jesus’ disciples couldn’t understand why Jesus would ask such a thing. It seemed obvious to them a lot of people were touching Jesus. However, Jesus wasn’t talking about all the shuffling and mingling. No one was touching Him the way the woman touched Him. She touched his garment in faith that her touch would heal her. Everyone around was touching him just from the jostling of the crowd.

How did the woman have enough courage to admit she touched Jesus? She could have kept silent and snuck away. However, the woman knew she had been made whole.

Let’s read together John 6:37.

This parable reminds us we can have victory over sin if we reach out to Jesus with as much faith as this woman. Jesus will not reject us if we come to Him. We can stand unashamed if we allow Jesus to make us whole.

Friend, will you reach out to Jesus in faith?


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