The Miracles of Jesus Lesson 02 – Two Miracles in One

In our previous lesson, we read about the healing of a paralytic man lowered from a roof.  Let’s study that passage again today in more depth.

Let’s read together Mark 2:1-12.

There are quite a few lessons we can learn from this passage.  Let’s read the passage again verse by verse.

Let’s read together Mark 2:1-4 and Romans 10:10-15.

The paralytic’s four friends were his only access to Jesus.  Think of all the effort they put forth in bringing him to Jesus.  They carried him on his bed to where Jesus preached. When they realized the house was too crowded, they climbed the roof of the house while carrying their paralytic friend.  They had to dig and claw through the roof to make a hole big enough to lower the paralytic through. They had to somehow get ropes long enough to lower the paralytic down safely.

Consider all the noise and debris flying around as Jesus preached to the crowd.  Think about the murmuring of people in the crowd as they see a hole in the roof get bigger and bigger.  Imagine the consternation of the owner as he noticed someone was destroying a part of his house.  Yet, these four friends were determined to bring their friend to Jesus.

In the same way, you may be someone’s only access to Jesus.  Are you willing to put in the same effort to bring that person to Him?

Let’s read together Mark 2:5; Matthew 18:20; and Hebrews 10:25.

Note Jesus did not only see the faith of the paralytic.  Jesus saw the collective faith of the paralytic and his four friends.  Faith does not have to be a solo journey. There is something to be said for praying and studying the Bible together.  

Let’s read together Mark 2:6-12; Hebrews 7:25; and Micah 7:19.

There are actually two miracles in Jesus’ encounter with the paralytic:

1.The miracle of immediate forgiveness

2.The miracle of physical healing

These two miracles are linked together.  The miracle of immediate forgiveness happened when Jesus told the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven you.”  The miracle of physical healing authenticated the miracle of immediate forgiveness.

We, as humans tend to believe in provisional forgiveness – someone who has wronged us must grovel and suffer a bit before we forgive them.  The reason God put in the statute “an eye for an eye” in Exodus chapter 21 was to prevent people from excessively retaliating against people who harmed them.

We also tend to project that kind of forgiveness onto God.  However, God is not like that.  When God forgives, He forgives immediately.  When we repent of our sins earnestly, God forgives completely.

Friend, are you willing to repent of your sins and have faith in Jesus like the paralytic and his four friends?


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