I’m proud

||: I’ve been thinking a lot about one thing this week.

As I drew this in my journal, these were the words laid on my heart.


I’m proud of myself!

Every morning I wake up in pain, go through my day in pain, the cold weather causes more pain, most pain causes more pain. But I still go about my day.

I haven’t slept in 3 days, and most night I don’t sleep until 6-7am only to be woken up by my 8am alarm. But I still take my shower and go to class.

Most nights I spend in my Bible crying and apologizing to God for all my failures. But ya know what? I ask for forgiveness and I feel his arms wrap around me in the biggest hug ever!

I am so proud of myself for living my life even when cancer has stolen so much from me. I try not to let it get to me, other times I’ll break down in my loves arms. But I get up, dust myself off, and go on with my day. I keep a smile on, my head held high, shoulders back and my heart on my sleeve.

I am proud of myself because there have been many nights I have wandered into the valley of Shadow and death, and I have never let it consume me yet. I have never just laid down in surrender, but I hold the hand of my father and we walk out of there together.

I am proud of myself for waking up each morning. I am proud of myself for trying to love myself during the dark times. I am proud of myself. :||


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