||: I have had a lot of people asking me lately what book I run to when I need to feel happy, or when I try to seek out happiness…I run to Psalm! The Psalms record deep devotion, intense feeling, exalted emotion, and dark dejection. They play on the heartstrings of the human soul with all the stops pulled out. All the time, I feel overwhelmed when I come to this marvelous book. It is located in the very center of God’s Word. Psalm 119 is in the very center of the Word of God, and it exalts His Word.

This book has blessed the hearts of multitudes down through the ages. When I have been sick at home, or in the hospital, or when some problem is pressing upon my mind and heart, I find myself always turning to the Psalms.

1. However, this Psalm should not be taken to mean our happiness is guaranteed on the basis of how we choose to define “happiness”. 2. It should not be understood to be a “sure-fire” formula for success, or “wealth and health”. It’s proverbial and shows us the wisdom in following God into “right-living”. It does not mean that everything will be “peachy king”. 3. It should not be taken to mean that as long as we don’t follow ungodly counsel, and follow God’s teachings we get what we want of that which makes us happy. Later the Psalmist makes it clear we need to “trust God”. If we follow a formula for success because there is “something in it for us” then we are have a self-centered motive and we will not be happy.

Rather, we follow God and as a byproduct of following Him we have a new desire which compels us to take His advice, gladly, on how to walk through this life with all it’s decision and obstacles, unforseen variables and events.

If we trust God then when things to work out the we would hope after following His wise instruction in Psalm 1 then we will find ourselves happy in the Lord still because we are trusting Him for the end result, without seeing the end result and He will honor that and in the end, at some point, we will experience those kinds of things again, But “through” the bad times in life we will still be able to experience the joy of the Lord which is the cause of true “happiness”.:||


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