Quality time with God

||: It seems to me that one of the most important Spiritual Exercises that we can engage in is to Spend Time in God’s Presence. When I am aware that I am connected to God, I have peace, hope and the spiritual strength that I need for whatever the day brings me.

For me, to be in God’s presence usually begins with intention. I make a decision deep in my spirit to become connected to God. I remind myself of his special qualities and of his faithfulness. I often remember the scripture “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.” Luke 4:8 This is a promise that God gives us in his Word.

I frequently listen to music. Sometimes I turn on my spotify or tune in to a Christian radio station or pull up a website that plays soft Christian music so that it plays in the background. This is soothing to my soul and is a reminder of the loving nature of God. When I listen to this type of music I am inspired by the melodies.

Being in a beautiful place is another way in which I make a special connection with God. My best friend and I are in Orange Beach, Alabama this week. As I am seated comfortably in a chair looking out at the ocean waves, I’m reminded of how God has gifted us with the beauty found in nature. I feel extra close to him in this setting.

And, maybe most of all, as I read scripture I am reminded of his nature and goodness and love. When I take time for an extended devotional and linger in the Bible I hear God speak to me softly through his Holy Spirit. He reminds me of his truths.:||


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