||:Heavenly Father,

I come before you in the precious name of Jesus;

I acknowledge my weakness and inability to fix myself. Your Word says that in this world I will have troubles but you also said to be of good cheer or take courage because You have overcome the world!

I ask You Lord, that you will calm the troubling of my soul. As you whisper to me “Peace Be Still” I trust that your grace will calm this storm or you will keep me calm in the midst of it. I humbly receive the peace that only you can give!

I receive the guidance of Holy Spirit to lead me and guide onto the Righteous paths in how I think, feel and respond to this situation. I choose to forgive those who would seek to take advantage of my situation through the Blood of Jesus. I trust in your Righteousness to judge that which is evil, unrighteous and wicked in the way that you see fit to do. I pray that the crooked places be made straight and the rough places be made smooth in Jesus name!

Your Word declares that your PEACE meets with your Righteousness as you demonstrate your faithfulness to perform your Word. When you speak “Peace Be Still”

the contrary winds around and the troubles raging seas that seek to overwhelm me, obey your voice!

Where your Spirit is, there is Peace. Where your Spirit is, there is liberty and where your Spirit is, there is comfort and consolation! Holy Spirit as I abide in you, you abide in me and in your presence oh Lord there is fullness of Joy! I receive your comfort, peace and joy in Jesus Name!

Thank you Lord for hearing my cry, for your ear is not deaf that it cannot hear and your arm is not short that it cannot save! You oh Lord who watches over me does not slumber nor sleep but rather you are an ever present help in my times of trouble! You have given me the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness! So I ask that You plant a song in my heart as I open my mouth in praise and give glory unto your Name!

In Jesus Mighty Name I Pray Amen!:||


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