Questions for Christians Lesson 06 – What If I Am Not Sorry for My Sins?

Liam was fighting with his younger brother Caden over a toy.  Liam took the toy away from Caden and made him cry.  Their father Mike saw what happened.  Mike made Liam apologize to Caden.  Liam muttered “sorry” then looked away.  Mike chastised Liam for not giving a genuine apology to Caden.

The Bible calls upon us to repent of our sins.  However, what if you are not sorry for your sins?  What do you do?

Let’s read together Matthew 8:1-3.

Do you think it was uncomfortable for the leper to come to Jesus?  He was ostracized from society at large.  The leper had to come to Jesus as he is.  The leper risked a public rejection.  Yet, Jesus touched the leper before He healed him.

Consider this quote from author Ellen White in her book “Steps to Christ”:

“If you see your sinfulness, do not wait to make yourself better.  How many there are who think they are not good enough to come to Jesus.  Do you expect to become better through your own efforts?  We must not wait for stronger persuasion, for better opportunities, or for holier tempers.  We can do nothing for ourselves.  We must come to Christ just as we are.  Ask Him to give you repentance, to reveal Christ to you in His infinite love, in His purity.”

What is repentance? The dictionary defines repentance as “a sorrow for sin, a turning away from sin.”

Let’s read together Acts 5:31.

We are so degenerate as human beings; we do not even have the capacity to be sorry.  We need to come to Christ to ask for help to hate sin. Jesus can give you the gift of repentance.

Many people mistakenly think repentance is a prerequisite to coming to Christ.  Many people err in thinking repentance is a barrier blocking us from coming to Christ.  We simply need to come to Christ, even with all the wrong motivations. We need to ask Jesus for the gift of repentance.

Let’s read together Luke 19:1-9.

Zacchaeus was a tax collector who likely cheated people in the past.  Yet, Jesus came to Zacchaeus without any conditions. Zacchaeus received Jesus first then he received the gift of repentance (verse 8).

Friend, Jesus never turns anyone away who earnestly comes to Him.  We have nothing of value we can bring to Christ – we just need to come.

Friend, are you willing to receive Jesus’ gift of repentance so you can hate sin?


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