Questions For Christians Lesson 01 – What Is The Point Of Prayer?

While there are many types of Christians in the world, people generally assume there is one thing all Christians can do: pray. We take it for granted that prayer is an important part of Christian life.  We read in the Gospels that Jesus had an active prayer life.  Jesus even taught His disciples how to pray.  

However, what is the point of prayer?  If God knows everything, why do we need to pray? Today, we study the importance of prayer.

Let’s read together John 17:1-24; Luke 11:1-4; and Matthew 6:6-8.

The disciples noticed Jesus had a special connection with God the Father.  They realized Jesus received spiritual strength from daily prayer.  The disciples understood there was power in prayer. This is why they asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.

Note Jesus did not teach a particular form for prayer.  To be sure, bowing your head down, clasping your hands together, and getting down on your knees are appropriate forms of reverence to God.  However, Jesus emphasized the importance of conversing with God.

Let’s read together Psalm 103:13 and Luke 16:11-32.

Jesus exhorted the disciples to call God “our Father.”  Why is that?

Imagine you have a son.  When he turned 18 years old, he tells you he is leaving home to start a new life for himself.  He deletes all social media accounts, turns off his cell phone, and disappears from your life.  You wait at home every day for him to return.  Days go by, then weeks, then months, then years go by.  Sixteen years pass.  You wonder if your son is still alive.  Is he doing well?  What kind of career does he have now?  Did he get married?  Does he have any children?

We are like the prodigal son cutting off communication with his father when we do not pray to God.  Although God knows everything, He cannot force you to communicate with Him.  When we do not pray, in a sense, God is like the father waiting for his son to come home.

Let’s read together Luke 18:1-6.

Jesus spoke this parable to encourage us to keep praying to God.  Some people have a distorted view of God and may see him like the unjust judge in the parable.  Note that even if God were like the unjust judge, even if God did not care about you, He would still hear your prayers if you prayed with persistence and earnestness! How much more would God, who truly loves and cares about you, hear your earnest prayers!

Let’s read together Mark 5:1-20.

The demons virtually had complete control of the man.  They would not let the man cry out to Jesus for help.  While the demons wanted nothing to do with Jesus, notice the man was able to come to Jesus as soon as he saw Him from afar.

Let’s read together Romans 8:26.

Perhaps you want to connect with God.  Perhaps you want to pray to God, but you don’t know what to say.  Remember the story of the prodigal son.  He wasted his life.  He was ashamed.  He had prepared a speech to beg his father for forgiveness and let him come back as a hired servant.  However, when his father saw him from far away, he ran and embraced him.  The father did not need to hear his son’s speech. The father was so happy to see his son come back home.

The demon-possessed man was unable to say what he needed to say to Jesus, but the Father heard his prayer.  When you pray to God, even if it has been years since you prayed to Him, God is happy to hear your voice.  It is about the fact that you came back to Him.  It is about your desire to reconnect with Him.  You may not know how to pray, but the Holy Spirit will help you.  You simply need to open your heart to God and speak to Him.

Friend, do you see the importance of prayer? Will you connect with God and pray every day?


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