Agree With God

Following Jesus means more than following all the rules of a church. It means you live in a daily relationship with Christ letting Him direct your steps.

Here’s another challenging piece to this: If we are going to follow Jesus, we begin by acknowledging the fact that we are broken. God gave us free will. Each time we have chosen to do our own thing with our free will instead of submitting ourselves to God’s love, sin was the result. The truth is that sin has marred our lives and everything around us.

Sin means missing the mark. Think of the center of an archer’s bullseye as being perfection. Anything outside of the circle of perfection is missing the mark. Whether you are close to perfection, or far away if you are not inside of the circle you have missed the mark. We have all missed the mark!

Are you ready to change course? When you ask for God’s forgiveness and put your trust in Jesus, the new life that Jesus talked about becomes a possibility for you. You can begin to follow Jesus today from wherever you are.


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