What If I Fail Lesson 06 – Abraham

Abraham is one of the most respected figures in the Bible.  He is also honored in Jewish and Muslim traditions.  Abraham is not only the father of the Jewish nation, he is known as the friend of God (Isaiah 41:8; James 2:23).  However, even Abraham failed on occasion.

Let’s read together Genesis 12:1-9.

God promised Abraham He would make him into a great nation.  God asked Abraham to leave the comforts of his home and sojourn into a strange land.  Abraham responded in faith and left his homeland.

Let’s read together Genesis 12:10-20.

Abraham was afraid for his life.  He lied to the Egyptians and told them his wife Sarah was his sister.  Abraham seemingly forgot God’s promise to him. Abraham did not demonstrate faith in God in this situation.

Let’s read together Genesis 13:14-18.

God reminded Abraham of His promise.  God wanted Abraham to show more faith in Him.  God even went to Abraham again and specifically told him he would have an heir that would come from his own body (Genesis 15:1-6).

Let’s read together Genesis 16:1-15.

Sarah convinced Abraham he should have a child with her maid Hagar.  Again, Abraham demonstrated a lack of faith in God’s ability to keep His promise.  Abraham came to regret his decision.  Not only was there strife in his household for the next fourteen years of his life, generations of conflict resulted from this fateful decision.

Let’s treaded together Genesis 20:1-18.

Amazingly, Abraham repeated the same mistake in trying to pass off his wife as his sister.   God intervened a second time to deliver Abraham out of this situation.

Abraham was undoubtedly a man of faith.  Like the rest of us, Abraham’s faith went through periods of highs and lows.  When Abraham kept his focus on God, he was able to do great things, like rescue Lot (Genesis 14:1-18) and intercede with God on Lot’s behalf (Genesis 18:16-33). However, when Abraham forgot God’s promises, Abraham made several foolish mistakes.

So, what is the difference between someone like Abraham and someone like King Saul?

Let’s read together Genesis 22:1-19.

God gave Abraham his greatest test.  God asked Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac in Mount Moriah.  Abraham could have refused.  Abraham could have come up with plenty of reasons to disobey God. However, Abraham walked with God for a long time.  God was with him in good times and bad.  Abraham remembered God’s promise to him.  Abraham had faith God would resurrect Isaac, even though nothing like that had ever happened before.

Isaac also had faith in God. He could have overpowered his old father and escaped, but he didn’t.  Isaac was willing to be a sacrifice.

In the end, Jesus Himself stopped Abraham and provided a sacrifice.  That was the difference between Abraham and King Saul.  Abraham was willing to give up everything to God and Saul was not.

Friend, will you learn to have faith in God and trust in His promises?


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