What If I Fail Lesson 05 – Moses

Moses was one of the greatest leaders in the Bible.  He led the children of Israel outside of Egypt.  He wrote down the commandments, statutes, and laws of God.  He was a prophet.  He even spoke to God face to face.  

However, Moses was not always this great.  He failed a few times and learned from those experiences.  Today we will study three of those failures.

Let’s read together Exodus 2:1-15.

Moses grew up knowing about his Hebrew heritage, unlike what is presented in television and movie adaptations of his life.  It is likely he thought of one day liberating his people from bondage.  Perhaps Moses intended to show the people of Israel his desire to help them by killing that Egyptian.

However, his efforts were unappreciated as he tried to mediate between two Hebrews arguing. Ultimately, Moses has to flee into the desert for his life.  Moses lost his position and authority in Egypt.  Moses’ future was in doubt.

Where did Moses fail?

Let’s read together Psalm 27:14 and Zechariah 4:6.

Moses knew God had a plan for his life.  Moses wanted to carry out God’s  will in his life.  Moses failed because he tried to carry out God’s will purely by his own human power. He did not wait on the Lord.

Let’s read together Exodus chapters 3 and 4.

Moses spent forty years as a shepherd.  In a sense, Moses had to unlearn what he had learned in Egypt.  It was here that Moses learned lessons of humility, meekness, and patience.  These lessons would prepare him to finally fulfill God’s calling.

Initially, Moses refused God’s call to return to Egypt.  Moses made excuses about his own weaknesses and limitations.  Moses wanted God to send someone else.

However, God was angry with Moses for essentially doubting His power.  Moses failed to see his potential as God saw it.

In the same way, we are often afraid to step out in faith because we only see our own human limitations. God wants us to be co-laborers with Him in sharing the Gospel message.

Let’s read together Numbers 20:1-13; Deuteronomy 1:37; 3:23-27.

Moses disobeyed God’s command to speak to the rock to bring forth water.  Instead, Moses struck the rock twice out of frustration with the children of Israel and their constant grumbling.  Moses also spoke angrily to the children of Israel, attributing the ability to get water to himself instead of God.

The lesson we can learn from this incident is God is no respecter of persons (Romans 2:11).  Even though Moses did many good things for God, Moses must be held accountable to the same standards as everyone else.  As a result of Moses’ disobedience, he was not allowed to enter the Promised Land.

Let’s read together Jude 1:9 and Matthew 17:1-3.

Despite Moses’ failures, God knew his heart.  Jesus resurrected Moses and took him to heaven.  Moses was able to encourage Jesus when Jesus incarnated as a human on earth and was preparing for the cross.

Friend, will you learn from Moses’ failures.  Will you wait upon the Lord?  Will you go immediately when He calls you?  Will you glorify God always?


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