What If I Fail Lesson 03 – Elijah

Have you ever felt greatly discouraged in your life?  Have you ever felt alone?  Have you ever felt like a failure?  Or have you even felt depressed to the point that you considered taking your own life? If you ever felt this way or if someone you know has felt this way, then this lesson is for you.

Let’s read together 1 Kings 18:1-46.

Elijah was faithful to God in a time of national apostasy.  In response to Elijah’s faith, God convincingly demonstrated to the nation of Israel that He, not Baal, is truly God.

Let’s read together 1 Kings 19:1-3.

Even though Elijah witnessed firsthand God’s power, he was afraid of Queen Jezebel’s death threats. Elijah ran for his life.

What would have happened if Elijah stayed and faced Jezebel?  God surely would have protected Elijah.  God may have given an even mightier demonstration of His power. Perhaps King Ahab would have given up worshiping Baal and wholeheartedly turned to God.  Perhaps the nation of Israel would have followed suit.  Perhaps Jezebel would have been overthrown and false worship would have been eradicated from Israel.

Let’s read together 1 Kings 19:4.

Elijah felt like a failure. He acted cowardly when he should have stood firm for God.  Elijah was so depressed about his situation, he wanted to die.

There are a couple of lessons we can learn at this point.  The devil is relentless in his attacks upon us (1 Peter 5:8).  He will try to catch us off guard and attack us right after we’ve won a victory for God.

Secondly, even the best of us can fall and stumble.  Elijah was one of the greatest prophets in the Bible, yet he is still human. He had human vulnerabilities and failings, just like the rest of us.  He experienced human feelings like depression.

Let’s read together Proverbs 24:16 and 1 Peter 5:9.

We all experience failure in our lives.  However, what is important is how we respond to that failure.  Do we stay down and wallow in pity?  Or do we rise up again?

Let’s read together 1 Kings 19:5-18.

God could have forsaken Elijah and chosen someone else.  However, God is merciful and loving (Lamentations 3:22-23).  He sent an angel to strengthen Elijah and allowed Elijah to run all the way to Mount Horeb.  

God took the time to hear out Elijah.  God spoke to Elijah softly when He could have thundered out commands.  God let Elijah know he was not alone.  God let Elijah know he was still good enough to be His prophet.  God even sent Elijah help in the form of a new apprentice named Elisha.

Let’s read together Joshua 1:9, 2 Corinthians 12:19, and James 4:20.

Even if in your mind you believe you are not good enough, remember Jesus is enough for you.  He will not give up on you.  


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