Are you showing love?

||: This post is a mix of a confession and a promise! I have found myself not praying when my friends come to me with requests! I find myself watching Netflix or playing on my phone! Well that stops now!

I remember the story about the Good Samaritan. A man had fallen among robbers, was beaten and stripped of his clothes. As he lay, beaten, in the hot sunlight, a Priest was going down the road, when he saw the man he moved away from him and passed on! After this a Levite came across the beaten man and, just like the priest, the Levite crosses away from him and passed by! But later a Good Samaritan passed by the beaten man and was full of compassion! The man stopped, bound his wounds, put him on his own animal and took him to an Inn where throughout the night continued taking care of the man!

Lately I have seen my friends troubles and I know they are hurting! But I “had my own problems”. I would cross the street and pass by them while they were beaten down by their struggles! I’m sure everyone has promised something and not followed through!

In James 1:22 we are told be “doers of the word”. And in 1 John 3:18 it says that we should love with ACTIONS and in TRUTH!

This lesson is so important because it teaches us to think of others before ourselves! This is such a great week to do something for your mom or dad or another family me ever without being asked to do it! If you’re anything like my house you might need to take some time to vacuum up all the dog hair!! Or maybe you need to clean up your room or do your own laundry for once! Any of those things will tell your mom or dad that you love them! If your friend comes to you with a prayer request, don’t say yes and walk away! Take their hands, sit down with them right there and pray for them! You never know what someone is going though or how bad they need your prayer!

What are some ways you are going to show love for someone this week?!:||


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