One year thriving

||: 10-26-17

Let me tell you about my God! One year ago I was forced to face the biggest obstacle of my life! I started as a healthy college freshman, so happy and full of life! Little did I know what poison was lurking in my body. It appeared as a lump on my neck, worked its way to my lungs, and settled in my spine. It was so comfortable there and needed to be evicted immediately! So where does my God come into play? Well my God wrapped me in his arms and told me “everything will be okay my daughter.” He brought the best team of doctors to support me and heal me! And he gave me the best nurses who have held my hand, and let me cry on their shoulders. I have been given amazing support, gifts and love throughout this journey. 1 year ago I was given 3-6 months to live. 1 year ago Satan tried to give me an expiration date but my God told him no! My God has kept me alive, kept me safe and kept me whole. Let me tell you about my God! He’s a big big God! And I will live a lifetime preaching his love to the uttermost bounds of this earth! Because I know God is a big God! And I know God is a real God! And I won’t quit until I have preached to stadiums! I won’t quit until his word has reached the hearts of millions! My God is a big God and because of him I am alive! I am THRIVING!:||


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