Was it something I missed?

Some mornings you wake up, some nights you lie awake, and you peel back the layers of everything. You go through every feeling and thought and you wonder what went wrong: Was there something that you missed? Was there something that was said? When you heard the word, “forever,” was that not what it truly meant? ⠀⠀ You wonder if all along, the ground was breaking beneath you, and if you had been blindsided, or if you were merely lied to. Or maybe…it was both? And that’s why none of this makes sense… because what you were told was supposed to be a promise. It was not meant to end like this. ⠀ And at times you felt like Joseph, stripped of the coat of dreams, tossed out in the darkness, captured without knowledge of where this might be going. But like Joseph you will find, when things are out of your control, your God will keep you whole. ⠀ Even in a prison of thoughts, He will set you free, in Jesus’ Name. You will never be the same. And though things may never be the way they used to be, as long as you are with Him you will have what you need and in the end you will find that was glorious, beautiful, everything. ⠀ There will be years that go by, and the one that hurt you might go on with his life but God will keep you and make things right, and though it is hard to see now you will see it in time. For this has been where He was leading you all along: high above your hurt and lowly history, and into brand new mercies and a journey, with Him. ⠀ When it hurts so much, He is doing new things. Though it takes time to see, He will give you peace, and courage to trust and believe, in your lowest place, you’ll go higher with Him, over everything. ⠀ When you look back on your hardest times know that you still have purpose. And like Joseph, you will find, even after all the longest, most tiresome years, you can boldly and truthfully say, it was God who brought you here


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