4 am thoughts..

One thing God has been showing me lately is that you pick up things during each day and carry them with you. Feelings and thoughts that begin storing up in your heart and mind. They can go unnoticed, even unrealized, if we never take the time to bring those things to Him. It’s so vital that we come to Jesus each day and lay those down at the foot of the cross. It’s so important that we encounter the Word because it corrects wrong thoughts with truth. As we pour our hearts out to Him and empty ourselves of all that we’ve been carrying, we grow closer to Him. And as we sit and listen to Him speak to us, focusing our undivided attention to hear His voice daily, He pours back into us. The longer we wait to come to Him, the more we need to clean out. The sooner we get those things out of the way, the clearer we hear His voice and the lighter our hearts will be.


2 thoughts on “4 am thoughts..”

  1. I remember an interview with Mr. Rogers where he said, “Some of the greatest revelation comes from silence.” He was referring to his devotional time when he would allow God to speak without interrupting.

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