Christianity on track

Christianity is not a jesus tack on. You don’t just get jesus and then skip away to live a normal life like you did before. You *die* to yourself. You *die* to your mind, your hearts desires, your passions and lusts of the flesh and eyes. You tell yourself no and focus on being holy as Christ is holy. You rip things from your life that cannot lead to that. Sometimes it means that for people as well.

Our lives are not our own. Rest and relaxation have a time, but if Christianity comes hard to you then that’s when you need to carry your cross all the more. Don’t feed sloth, if you want a relationship with Jesus then set down that 4 minute prayer and pray for an hour. Turn off the verse of the day and instead read a whole book. The Lord knocks on your door, don’t just stand outside and ask ‘who is it?’ Kick the door down, claw through it if it’s not opening. Work out your salvation in fear and trembling, for you strive to see a mighty God


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