Your worth is not a number.

That selfie you posted only got a few likes (if any), and you question your worth according to your appearance. You feel unloved.

You got on that scale again, and you are disheartened by the number you see. You feel ugly.

Your followers on that social media site have barely grazed ten. Your blog—well, the number of hits it has is borderline embarrassing. Clearly, you’re no good, and there’s no point in opening your mouth; or, rather, typing that message.


Your worth is not a number.

It is not determined by digits, likes, people, or followers.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. Yes, sin—as black as night—taints us all. But God wishes to wash you white as snow. Jesus died for you, even seeing your sin. He looked it square in the face (He looked the devil in the eyes) as He bore it (the sin, the punishment that we deserved) on the cross. He, an innocent man(!), defeated all of your enemies on the cross.

Your worth is found in God. He made you. He wishes to save you, and call you His very own child. Despite it all, He looks on you with love and compassion. He wants to clothe you in His own righteousness. He wants to blot out your sin. (What a trade: our sin for His very own purity and righteousness.)

You don’t have to search anymore. ’“Who will love me?” Well, Jesus (the Lord and Savior) does, and He’s not far from any one of us.

Call on Him.

Numbers aren’t your identity.

Let your identity forever be:

“Child of God;

Dearly Beloved;

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.”

Wear it well, and let your boast be in Christ alone.P


1 thought on “Your worth is not a number.”

  1. Social media definitely conditions us to measure ourselves by metrics. We eventually realize that social media did not improve our quality of life. In some ways, it made it worse.

    I love that you were able to tie our worth back to Jesus and that our value is truly measured by the blood of the lamb not the like.

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