Spending Time With Jesus

Psalm 5:(NKJV)

My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord;

In the morning I will direct it to You,

And I will look up.

We need to have the discipline to start each day listening to God.

I make it my habit, wherever I am in the world, to have my Bible with me. I want to hear what God is saying to me and what God is saying about me. That’s what gives me my direction for the day. It gives me a grounding and gets the compass point set properly. It helps me remember that everything else I do in that day should be in the context of who God is and what He is saying.

For me, it works best to take time – to set aside time specifically for reading God’s Word. I try to find someplace peaceful and allow God’s Spirt to speak to me.

One of the many amazing things about Scripture is that it’s living. It’s alive and active, and when we submit ourselves to it, God can work in our lives. That’s why you can read a passage of Scripture one day, and five days later read the same passage and it can have another message. The Holy Spirit walks that road with us and applies the Word of God to us in each particular life situation.

If we start our day with the Word of God, it’s remarkable how many times that is relevant for what happens the rest of the day. So often things come up and I am able to trace back to what I’ve read.

Everyone needs to find a routine that works best for them. The morning is the best time for me. I need to hear God’s voice at the start of the day. Hopefully, that sets the agenda for the rest of the day.


Lord, give me the discipline to consistently seek You in Your Word.. Help me to hear Your voice above all others..

Show me how to live and how to bring honor to You as I spend time in Scripture today..

In Your Name I pray Jesus..



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