Best friends make the best sisters!

The word “sisterhood” can bring up fond memories for many. To some it means being a part of a sorority and to others it means being a biological sister. In both instances, there is a sense of closeness and loyalty. Oftentimes, society tries to teach us that sisterhood is being a part of a group of women that meet for a common interest but don’t necessarily like each other or look out for one another’s best interest. The Bible paints a different picture. It gives us beautiful illustrations such as Mary (mother of Jesus) visiting Elizabeth and leaving encouraged in what God has called her to do. It shows the young woman in Song of Solomon being celebrated by her peers who offer caution when needed but also joy and excitement in her new found love. It tells of Esther’s maids fasting with her on behalf of the Jewish people although there’s no evidence to suggest that they themselves were Jewish. This is sisterhood. In my own experience, I’ve found that sisterhood is a group of women supporting, praying, fasting, laughing, comforting, counseling, correcting, and lifting up one another. I recall memories of sharing God-given dreams and encouraging one another to move beyond our fears to obtain it. My sisters have held me accountable to give God my absolute best and have loved me despite my flaws. When the world sees this type of sisterhood, it marvels at it and desires to have the same thing. Strive to live a life of true sisterhood before the world and be prepared to watch God draw other women in to share the same experiences.


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