||: I see this message of Obadiah as a warning to the church. Edom was of the same family heritage as Judah, descendants of Isaac and Abraham. They had different beliefs and doctrines yet they were still of the same family. They were warned to not rejoice when their brothers in Israel came under God’s judgment. They not only rejoiced but joined in on the destruction. As a result Edom’s destruction was total while Israel lived on. The message is one of unity. If we are all of the same family of Christ joined by the common blood of Jesus Christ, we have a real obligation to not “war” against those who may differ with us in doctrine or theology, not to rejoice in their defeat or even to participate in their destruction, lest our fate become worse than theirs.

Obadiah’s message is a call to peace among the brethren, being good neighbors who will help and support each other. God will handle the differences and smooth them out to His perfect will. If we are indeed living in last days, the message is all the more important to be at peace with those who also love and worship Jesus and not let some minor doctrinal interpretation cause war to come between us.:||


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